ECOBIRTHERA is a synergy of disciplines. Prenatal & Perinatal Wellbeing meets Integral Women’s Health.

The result is an ecosystem that delicately integrates body-mind approaches neoteric&ancient philosophies with all “in-natura” ways. Fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and womanhood transitions are supported through, evidence-based holistic methods, counseling, and coaching.

Here, you can lean into your primordial female nature, step into an era of wellbeing through a profound understanding of your internal landscape and flow with the feminine principle.

Harmony is in constant motion for balance and equilibrium......

Wherever you are on your journey ECOBIRTHERA meets you there to help you navigate and to go through challenges smoothly.

cognitive behavioral therapy

tcm psychology(ewot)

prenatal-perinatal psychology.

women’s health

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I’m Hati S. Malinova. I am a medical professional, counselor and coach. Over 20 years I’ve specialized in connecting women to their feminine nature.

Whether you are walking on a metamorphic path related to womanhood or you’re in the beginning of your journey, either you have already spent some time navigating the challenges of life stage transitions, there is a space for you here. A space to explore the phenomenal changes that you experience: bio-psycho-socially and spiritually.

Together we create a collaborative, secure space where you’re able to share the experiences that are authentically yours.

I’m honored to support a sacred connection to you and your partner as you journey through the transformative events of “THE WAY OF BIRTH.”

Join me in this holistic way of working as we explore many fascinating facets of body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

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